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    Elevator and Escalator Consulting

    Protect Your Investment

    • Extensive knowledge of the existing building industry, in all market sectors.​​
    • ​Lerch Bates' vast resources have experience and expertise in the design and functional capability of virtually every kind of elevator and escalator equipment that has been manufactured and installed over the past 70 years. With this expertise, we know full well how the equipment should perform and the maintenance activities that must be performed, to ensure high level performance.
    • ​Leveraging 74 years of experience in professionally managing the ongoing performance of elevator industry service providers who are engaged in the day to day maintenance and repair of vertical transportation systems in existing buildings.
    • Our global network of vertical transportation consultants focus on the support of the existing building environments through the following activities;
      • Contractor oversight and problem resolution
      • Performance of equipment audits and deficiency resolution
      • Development of performance based maintenance specifications
      • Review and approval of all contractor invoicing related to out of contract expenses
      • Reporting on VT equipment Key Performance Indicators
      • Complete administrative management of AHJ mandated equipment permitting and inspections
      • Development of vertical transportation equipment Capital Planning requirements
    • A key aspect of our success in managing ongoing VT maintenance programs comes from our deep local and national relationships with major manufacturers and independent contractors. When problems need to be escalated to be resolved, our communication channels are well established.
    • The LB Solutions program is designed to ensure that our clients get the service they deserve….
      • Ensure contractors perform in full accordance with maintenance specifications
      • Regularly evaluate equipment performance to ensure optimum levels of service are being provided.
      • Reduce operating expense by controlling out of contract spend and managing contractor proposal scope and fees.
      • Extend the lifecycle of the equipment to eliminate the need for premature modernization
      • Provide a road map and timetable for capital investment when the time comes to upgrade equipment.
    •  LB Solutions allows ownership to gain back control of their elevator and escalator maintenance programs.

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