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    Accelerated Lithification Process

    Lithification is Mother Nature’s complex process involving naturally occurring minerals combined with heat, moisture, pressure and time that gradually turn soil to rock over thousands of years. Lithified Technologies’ “Accelerated Lithification” technology uses the same naturally occurring minerals along with accelerators and an eco-friendly trade secret technology formulation that turns your road materials into Nature’s Concrete™ in 24 hours! 

    LithTec™, is not a “soil stabilizer” as the word implies it is trying to stabilize the soil by making it sticky with tree products such as lignin or tree sap or trying to glue the soil together with polymers. LithTec™ forms new aluminum and silica chains at the molecular level, which transforms the soil into a rock hard water resistant road foundation. 

    LithTec™ provides the unique combination of strength, ductility. Lift tech achieves the strength of cement at half the dosage and provides much higher ductility, so it does not have the brittleness and cracking that occurs with soil cement. 

    Is LithTec™ a Soil Stabilizer?  Learn the differences between Lithification and Soil Stabilization in this article. Click to download. 

    Curious to learn more? Watch the video below.