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    Every LithTec™ project starts with testing of the existing road base material and customization of the LithTec™ formulation to achieve optimum performance in that material. 

    • Signing a lab testing authorization form, LTA to begin the testing process. 
    • Geotech’s are sent to the project to gather multiple 5-gallon buckets of samples along the roadway.   
    • A battery of eight different tests are performed in a minimum of two cross sections, 16 tests in total. During this process the formulation is determined, the dosage, optimum moisture content 0MC and the performance of the material is determined before and after treatment. 
    • Upon completion of the test results a phone conference is scheduled to discuss the test results and a proposal will be provided showing the exact cost for the product including shipping and geotechnical on site quality control and quality assurance. 
    • Should you decide to move forward with the project the scheduling of the installation is discussed and the LithTec™ product is ordered from the blending facilities and will be shipped to the jobsite at the time of installation.   
    • Lithified Technologies will coordinate the installation with the contractors and the clients and will provide geotechnical field testing and reporting during installation. 

    Los Alamos National Labs White Paper

    Testing Road Material is the heart of successful transferring structural credits into the Road Base. Geotechnical testing reveals how much psi Resilient Modulus can be achieved when treated with LithTec™. Click to view Technical Data Sheet and Results of LithTec™ Treated A-1-b Classification Base Course Sample.