Risk Preparedness and Claims Recovery Services

Loss Control & Safety Programs

Our experience allows us to support your risk control/safety personnel with the following services:

  • Audits of risk control/safety programs to evaluate the effectiveness of existing efforts and to provide practical recommendations for enhancement
  • Development of specific risk control/safety programs, training modules and manuals
  • Surveys to assist management in identifying deficiencies and prioritizing improvements
  • Review of fire protection systems related to regulatory requirements for maintenance and inspection

McGriff can also provide risk control assistance and training for:

  • On site services (inspections, audits, training)
  • Emergency response/disaster management
  • Safety training program development and maintenance
  • Claims analysis
  • Coordination with insurers
  • Documentation training
  • Property risk control services
  • Transportation exposures
  • Fleet safety program evaluation
  • OSHA compliance (where applicable)
  • EPA compliance
  • Driver training