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    Risk Preparedness and Claims Recovery Services

    Value Added Services

    Very few companies possess our national client-base of tax-supported entities, local governments and educational institutions. Our Public Entity service teams are located across the US.  McGriff partners with other OMNIA-approved vendors to create a turn-key Risk Management and Claims Management solution for Omnia Partners members.

    • Retention Analyses - Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) is also used for retention analysis. By comparing the TCOR amounts at various retentions we can start the process of identifying viable retention options.
    • Benchmarking - Due to our expertise in the public entity space, we have the ability to benchmark rates, deductibles and limit structures. In addition, we will utilize Advisen to pull additional benchmarking data such as industry large loss history and excess liability limits based on operations.
    • Forecasting/Loss Projection - We will assist in projecting expected loss costs by analyzing prior loss experience within various retention structures. This will better accrue for probable loss costs and will be used heavily during collateral negotiations.
    • Loss Stratification & Retention Analysis - We will perform loss stratification and retention analysis to quantify the amount of claim dollars retained verse financed. This analysis will help the client better understand the Total Cost of Risk and will be pivotal in determining the optimal deductible structure to receive the best ROI on its insurance spend.
    • Insurance Policy Design & Placement - We can prepare RFP specifications for insurance underwriters, review quotations and place coverage as directed by the member.
    • Experience Modifier Rating Verification and Promulgation - We scrub the NCCI Experience Modifier Rating for accuracy. Approximately 30% of the ratings that we review have one or more errors. If we identify errors that have a negative impact, we will have the carriers correct the errors prior to renewal. We can also create reports that illustrate what drove any significant changes in the modifier rating between effective dates.
    • Collateral – We will utilize our actuarial analysis to combat carrier collateral requirements and negotiate the requirements down on behalf of the client.  Your analytics team will engage with legacy carriers to ensure legacy collateral wind down is expedient as possible.  Also, we will evaluate alternate structures that mitigate LOC requirements – i.e. restructuring your General Liability.