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    McKinstry has delivered energy services work for hundreds of schools throughout the nation and has the expertise and resources necessary to help schools optimize their energy usage and improve comfort levels for students and faculty.

    McKinstry works with schools to understand their facility needs and goals and provides detailed and accurate construction-grade estimates that include capital, operational and maintenance costs. This ensures the most economic and efficient use of capital funds for improving utility systems, upgrading aging equipment, and meeting growing demands on the building systems. Communication to community stakeholders is also important and McKinstry helps manage the necessary listening sessions and public forums to provide full transparency to taxpayers.

    Higher Education

    Not only do efficient and smart buildings save money, they attract and retain top-notch talent, bolster enrollment, and provide opportunities for research and innovation, while demonstrating a practical commitment to sustainability that today's students value.

    There are many ways to create an optimal campus environment. Whether you need a facility master plan, budget-neutral energy efficiency upgrades, smart energy management systems, or a carbon footprint reduction plan, McKinstry is here to help you meet your goa

    Front Range Community College, Fort Collins, CO

    Front Range Comm College

    Contract Period: 3/2016 - 10/2016
    Contract Value: $83,277
    McKinstry performed a complete, turnkey replacement of building automation systems for the Sunlight Peak laboratory facility at Front Range Community College. McKinstry also did a full building analysis to determine the controls issues and deficiencies throughout the building, created a design to cost-effectively replace the controls, competitively bid and managed all labor, programming, and project schedule requirements.

    Sunlight Peak is a 24/7 critical lab facility with complex controls and redundancy, therefore McKinstry had to successfully manage working after hours, during school breaks, and ensure set points were continuously maintained for critical spaces such as the cadevor labs.

    Washington State University; Pullman, WA

    Washington State University

    Contract Period: 01/2001 - Present
    Contract Value: Numerous Contracts Totaling $235M
    Since 2001 McKinstry has developed, designed, and implemented more $235 million of new construction, facility/infrastructure improvements, and energy conservation projects at WSU. Many of these projects focused on improving efficiency and operational performance throughout several million-sq. ft. of diverse infrastructure systems. Many of these were in critical and research environments and required interaction and scheduling around sensitive operations and occupancy.

    McKinstry deployed a campus-wide utilities metering initiative through sub-metering all major sources of energy and water consumption on campus. McKinstry continues to partner with WSU to ensure the validity of the data performance. As part of the project funding, our team supported the University in securing over $3M dollars of energy grants for this project.


    The City of Bellingham partnered with McKinstry to convert its streetlights to LED fixtures, cutting energy consumption by as much as 60% while saving $240,000 in annual energy savings. That’s 18,000 retired light bulbs that the city no longer has to pay for, power and maintain. Read the case study to learn more.