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    Understanding the performance of your building systems could save you money and energy. Building owners don't have to sacrifice operational excellence or comfort to reduce energy usage and cost.

    Many facility owners focus on business requirements and devote minimal effort to measuring and reducing their energy consumption despite significant utility costs. McKinstry's Active Energy Management (AEM) program combines best-in-class technology with hands-on building expertise to systematically deliver utility savings and increase operational performance.

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    The Active Energy Management approach is agnostic, scalable and client-directed. No black boxes kicking out hundreds of alarms that quickly drown operations teams. Instead, we leverage technology to drive greater understanding of building performance and more rapid feedback for operators. Our goal is to free the operations team from a reactive mode of chasing issues to a proactive mode of investigating system performance enhancement opportunities and ensuring changes result in measurable impacts.

    McKinstry leverages a mix of purpose-built and off-the-shelf technologies. Buildings are unique and one-size fits all technologies don't work. Instead, we focus on extracting data fr


    The City of Bellingham partnered with McKinstry to convert its streetlights to LED fixtures, cutting energy consumption by as much as 60% while saving $240,000 in annual energy savings. That’s 18,000 retired light bulbs that the city no longer has to pay for, power and maintain. Read the case study to learn more.