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    Your facilities - and all the assets that keep your building running smoothly - aren't getting any younger. Years of deferred maintenance mean each budget cycle forces you to make hard choices and leave important facility investments on the table. What's more, you're often missing critical information, such as the asset's condition, how compatible it is with your other assets and, most importantly, how it would affect your business if it failed. Without the right data, you run the risk of investing in the wrong places.

    McKinstry's trained industry experts interview those who know the building best, visually review every piece of equipment and then assess how critical it is to your business. This facility data is the key to uncovering the condition of your assets, putting them to best use today, and planning projects and capital improvements for the future.

    The Process

    Facility Assessments can help you determine if an energy services project is needed. During our evaluation, we do the following:

    Learn: We start with what you know. We interview all stakeholders, review your documentation and make a plan, together. We identify your facility pain points and look to align your facility needs with your core business needs.

    Audit: Then, we head onsite. We review architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical elements of the building. We can also look at energy conservation or safety opportunities.

    Analyze: Back at the office, we start to crunch the data. We build construction-grade repair and replacement cost estimates, and score each asset based on the criteria we set together.

    Report: We use quantitative and qualitative information about your facility to develop a Visualization Tool and a detailed report with information on each asset. We provide you with the tools to budget for your facilities based on equipment condition and how it affects your business needs.


    The City of Bellingham partnered with McKinstry to convert its streetlights to LED fixtures, cutting energy consumption by as much as 60% while saving $240,000 in annual energy savings. That’s 18,000 retired light bulbs that the city no longer has to pay for, power and maintain. Read the case study to learn more.