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    Energy Savings Performance Contracting Technical Energy Audit Services

    About McKinstry

    For nearly two decades, McKinstry has helped clients make critical facility improvements that save money, improve energy efficiency and assure occupant comfort as an Energy Services Company (ESCO) using the Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) procurement model. With offices across the United States, we can deploy our subject matter experts who understand your unique facility needs anywhere in the country. McKinstry has been in designing, building and caring for the built environment for almost 60 years, so you can rest assured we will be your partner throughout the life of your building.

    McKinstry is proud to have been competitively selected by lead public agency Port of Portland to provide energy services for U.S. Communities.

    Delivering Outcomes That Are Important To You

    We can tailor services and scopes of work to account for uniqueness of building function and system complexity, project timing, phasing, technology needs, and budget constraints.

    The lowest cost provider - Only a small percentage of an overall project cost comes during the construction period. The majority of project costs come in the operation of the systems over the life span of the equipment. We are cost effective for first cost and our long-term cost is the lowest.

    Financial approach and guarantee - We employ a rigorous and detailed process to calculate energy baselines and savings, but performance assurance goes well beyond just calculated savings. We focus on overall system performance.

    National supplier qualifications - McKinstry is a vendor-neutral service provider with a national footprint. Most other national firms are tied to a specific product offering, but with McKinstry, you don't have to align with a specific product vendor. Rather, you can choose the right solution for you.

    Sometimes energy savings is the most important aspect of a project, but often a project starts with a real problem that needs to be solved. The success of each project we deliver from development to implementation to operations is based on a measurement and verification plan, the successful performance of systems and our customers' satisfaction with the process. Our clients have a long history working with their facilities, and we build upon this knowledge to help ensure the right operational outcomes are achieved on each project, every time.


    The City of Bellingham partnered with McKinstry to convert its streetlights to LED fixtures, cutting energy consumption by as much as 60% while saving $240,000 in annual energy savings. That’s 18,000 retired light bulbs that the city no longer has to pay for, power and maintain. Read the case study to learn more.