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    Energy Savings Performance Contracting Technical Energy Audit Services



    McKinstry uses client data, ENERGY STAR and our own internal databases to compare the client’s energy use performance to other similar facilities in a particular geography to develop a rough savings potential.
    ENERGY AUDITINGEnergy engineers develop energy models and analyze the various design scenarios by evaluating all potential options for improvement, including renewable options.
    ENGINEERING DESIGNWe offer engineering, drawing permitting and stamping, energy retrofits, sustainable design, operational modeling, BIM, CAD, CAD 3D and super plot drafting and detailing, Total Cost of Ownership analysis, guidance for critical decisions, code compliance, system selection, and LEED® certification.
    GENERAL CONTRACTINGMcKinstry provides provision of material, labor, equipment, and services; hiring of subcontractors, procurement of building permits; site security; managing personnel on site; site surveying and engineering; disposing of or recycling construction waste; monitoring schedules and budget; and maintaining records. We will subcontract general contracting to qualified local firms.


    Preconstruction planning and coordination; subcontractor and equipment procurement; safety management; quality management; schedule management; budget management; onsite supervision and coordination; and project closeout.
    TESTING & BALANCINGMcKinstry performs all TAB work in accordance to NEBB. McKinstry is a NEBB certified firm (#2728) and NEBB Qualified Supervisors perform or supervise all TAB work.
    For new construction, modernization projects, existing buildings, and facilities.
    WARRANTY SERVICESDevelopment and management of the warranty issue work order process; 24x7x365 work order management; vendor dispatch management; tracking and follow up; routine vendor performance reporting; ongoing equipment status details; and warranty preventative maintenance management.
    ENERGY SAVINGS GUARANTEESMcKinstry has executed projects that range in size from $50,000 – $20,000,000 that have resulted in our customers’ seeing significant utility rebates, and large annual energy savings. The energy savings are derived from developing smart projects that are designed to reduce electrical, gas, water, and waste usage. The energy savings are converted to a dollar figure (by using the units saved multiplied by the utility rate) and guaranteed up to 100%.
    EQUIPMENT ACCEPTANCE TESTINGMcKinstry performs site acceptance testing using predictive maintenance technologies as an integral part of assuring equipment condition. Acceptance testing is performed in conjunction with the commissioning agent and does not replace commissioning.
    FINANCINGWe can directly finance projects if needed, however, we typically rely on financing solutions available in the marketplace and recommend advantageous programs available to public agencies.
    MAINTENANCE/ POST-INSTALLATION OPERATIONWe develop an engineered maintenance plan that lists the various service tasks and frequency for all of the applicable system components.
    MEASUREMENT & VERIFICATIONMcKinstry adheres to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) in performing M&V procedures. Our capabilities include extensive logging equipment and a remote monitoring station staffed 24x7.
    powerED BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENTpowerED is an energy awareness and management program that promotes staff engagement, increases building efficiency, and reduces costs.
    REMOTE MONITORING24-hour remote monitoring throughout the United States via a modem, network connection, and building DDC controls allows us to analyze system operations and foresee potential problems.
    TRAININGWe provide onsite training session for all appropriate aspects of the project with an engineer or vendor, as appropriate. McKinstry provides instruction on a proper maintenance plan and strategy.
    UTILITY REBATES & INCENTIVESWe work closely with our utility partners to maximize the incentive dollars our customers can get.
    WEB-BASED PROJECT MANAGEMENTWorkflow process development/management; control system support and service; centralized facility documentation; 24x7x365 customer service and issue management; event scheduling and management; key performance indicators development and management; facility asset management and business reporting; vendor/service provider management; facility issues prioritization, dispatch and tracking.

    The City of Bellingham partnered with McKinstry to convert its streetlights to LED fixtures, cutting energy consumption by as much as 60% while saving $240,000 in annual energy savings. That’s 18,000 retired light bulbs that the city no longer has to pay for, power and maintain. Read the case study to learn more.