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    About Medallia

    Improving resident experiences results in increasing trust in government. Medallia captures feedback, analyzes the data, and helps your team take action to close experiences gaps. Our platform does the hard work, helping you understand your customers. Its learning-based AI delivers in-the-moment visibility into customer interactions to drive actions that can transform experiences as they happen.

    Whether assisting an applicant, taxpayer, passenger, farmer, or student, Medallia can help you transform daily interactions in the services you provide. CX isn't just surveys; it's knowing what is necessary to achieve your mission. We empower your employees, providing them with real-time, actionable insights so they can best serve the public. When you understand what's important to your resident you can improve public trust and drive demonstrable impacts in operating efficiencies, risk reduction, fix issues, and more. Medallia knows how to help. We are the feedback backbone of many of the world's most loved brands, government agencies, and those driving successful CX transformation.