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    At Meteor Education, we have spent months researching solutions for safe indoor classroom environments that are viable for school districts of all sizes. Meteor Education now has partnerships to provide the following solutions as part of our commitment to provide safe, healthy learning environments to schools.


    Students and faculty alike are looking for spaces where both safe and dynamic learning is achievable. Introducing, Instructionally-Sound Learning EnvironmentsTM, MeTEOR Education's creative and collaborative space design where instructional methods + educational tools + learning environments meet to transform the educational experience. 

    Looking to create a space where teachers activate learning and students come alive in discovery? Look no further and contact us today!

    instructionally sound learning environment


    Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction (CASPR)

    CASPR is not an air filter – it works by using a proprietary, natural catalytic process that reacts with the water molecules found in the air everywhere, to continuously create highly effective oxidizing molecules. These molecules are delivered at safe levels to all surfaces. This technology continuously reduces the level of dangerous pathogens, without using irritating disinfectants or dangerous UV light. It is not harmful to humans, pets or plants, and is completely safe for use in an occupied space.

    Available in Mobile (plug in) units, HVAC units, and transit options – CASPR has a solution for any space in your facility.

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    It's Nanoed

    It’s Nanoed Barrier Protectant and Hand Sanitizer

    It’s Nanoed™ Barrier Technology applied to your surfac­es once every 30 days creates a barrier only nanometers thick, preventing harmful microbes from attaching to the surface and destroying them on contact (similar to a balloon landing on a bed of nails.) The overall result is a surface which “mechanically kills” pathogens before they can adhere and spread. Utilizing the same nano barrier technology - It’s Nanoed™ Hand Sanitizer last 8 hours on skin and, unlike alcohol-based hand sanitizers, poses no risk when inhaled or applied to the skin.

    Instructionally Sound Learning Environments
    instructionally sound learning environment