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    Systemwide Flooring

    Health & Wellness Benefits

    All carpet tile comes standard with Milliken’s WellBAC™ open-cell cushion backing.  Because of this, Milliken products are:

    • More ergonomic, reducing muscle strain by 24% during standing when compared to hardback carpet tile
    • Quieter, as they absorb 50% more sound when compared to hardback carpet
    • A natural subfloor moisture mitigation solution, by wicking away subfloor moisture. Save several dollars per square foot by eliminating spend on moisture mitigation, moisture testing, and floor prep


    The Floor Is A Crucial Part Of Any Holistic Acoustic-Design Strategy
    Acoustic strategies often focus on ceiling and wall treatments. However, in most interior spaces flooring occupies the same amount of surface area as ceilings and can have a huge impact in improving productivity and reducing stress for occupants. Don’t forget: the floor is the one surface that we’re actually physically in contact with at all times which means, it plays a major role in noise generation. Open-cell cushion backed carpet tile will absorb significantly more noise than hardback carpet tile, making the spaces that we learn and work in quieter.  Explore here as we detail ways flooring can go from overlooked to playing a key role in a holistic acoustic-design strategy.


    Even a few minutes of standing can take its toll on legs and feet while sit-to-stand working. To help overcome these aches and pains, many organizations invest in standing mats that help to alleviate strain on tired legs. But standing mats can be more hindrance than help, preventing chairs from moving effectively, and even causing a trip hazard. Instead, it’s better to use the opportunity to install cushion-backed carpet.

    Milliken’s cushion-backed carpet can reduce muscle fatigue by 25%, and heel impact loads by 30% - while lasting up to 50% longer than conventional carpet tiles.

    Moisture Management

    Moisture in and around on-grade slabs can lead to costly failures and repairs. This is a billion dollar problem in the construction industry.  The use of lightweight concrete, and the constant desire to install flooring as quickly as possible (both on- and above-grade) means moisture may very well be a serious issue in any given project. Milliken’s standard WellBAC™ open-cell cushion turns Milliken’s standard modular carpet into a moisture mitigation solution.  This eliminates the cost of several dollars per square foot from purchasing other moisture mitigation solutions that are required for use with hardback modular carpet, such as membranes and 2-part epoxy coatings.  Additionally, using Milliken eliminates the cost and need to do RH and pH testing.  Furthermore, Milliken reduces timelines in new construction by enabling our modular carpet to be installed as soon as 30 days after a new concrete slab has been poured.  Open-cell cushion backing actively wicks away moisture from sub-floors, reducing conditions attractive to mold and mildew.  Milliken has never had a moisture claim in 25+ years, whereas moisture claims are common in the flooring industry.

    WellBAC™ Cushion Backing

    There are two types of commercial carpet backings: hardback and cushion. We believe strongly that cushion backing is the best choice - so much so that we use WellBAC™ cushion backing on all of our carpet tile products, as standard.

    Cushion backing can significantly improve carpet appearance retention: the cushion absorbs the impact of foot traffic, rather than the carpet fibers. This benefit allows your carpet to stay looking like new for longer.

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