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    Milliken specializes in delivering people-focused, design-driven and science-backed flooring solutions to facility managers, designers, dealers, contractors, and other end-users. With expert knowledge in carpet, luxury vinyl tile and protective flooring, we design our products with superior functionality and aesthetics.

    Milliken’s wide range of flooring solutions have been designed from the ground up to improve the health & wellbeing of your space.  All carpet tile comes standard with Milliken’s WellBAC™ open-cell cushion backing.  Because of this, Milliken products are:

    • More ergonomic, reducing muscle strain by 24% during standing when compared to hardback carpet tile
    • Quieter, as they absorb 50% more sound when compared to hardback carpet
    • A natural subfloor moisture mitigation solution, by wicking away subfloor moisture. Save several dollars per square foot by eliminating spend on moisture mitigation, moisture testing, and floor prep 

    Milliken guarantees the above with 14 lifetime warrantees.

    Milliken also provides a broad portfolio of luxury vinyl tile (LVT), including wood, stone, and abstract patterns that will fit the needs of most commercial projects.  Furthermore, Milliken manufacturers a portfolio of entrance flooring.  Through OBEX™, our comprehensive range of entrance system forms and materials, we prevent dirt and moisture from entering the building.   OBEX equips architects, engineers, and specifiers with all they need to create site-specific, high-performing entrances, without compromising their project’s overall design.  Finally, Milliken offers flooring maintenance and cleaning services.

    Milliken products are now available through OMNIA Partners so that State Governments, Local Governments, Higher Education, K-12 Education, and Nonprofit Organizations can save money not only on their flooring purchases but also on their bid and solicitation process.

    New! Lumenology LVT
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