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    Mohawk Carpet Distribution, Inc.

    Commercial Floor Coverings

    Sustainability: Just The Facts

    At Mohawk Group, we are challenging ourselves to design and manufacture innovative products with reduced environmental and social impacts. As part of the world’s largest flooring manufacturer, we feel a profound sense of responsibility to advance our shared mission of a more sustainable future. Let’s do better together.

    Learn more about Mohawk Group’s Sustainability Program: https://www.mohawkgroup.com/sustainability

    Living Product Initiatives

    At Mohawk Group, we believe in supporting the communities where we live, work and play. We also believe in handprints over footprints—seeking not only to offset our environmental impact as a manufacturer, but striving to make a positive social impact as a community partner.

    As part of that commitment and as part of our Living Product initiatives, we’re donating smartflower solar energy units to schools with STEM programs and underserved communities across the country.

    School Crashers Video

    Mohawk has been partnering with Georgia United Credit Union for 6 years to give back to local schools. See how Mohawk was able to enhance even more learning environments last year through this incredible partnership and program!

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