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Mythics Customer Care: Lifecycle sustainment services for Oracle systems including 24x7 management, On-Demand support and more.

Your Mythics Customer Care team integrates with your organization becoming a remote extension to your team, monitoring your environments and supporting you around the clock when you need us most.  We have a catalog of cost-effective service options, customizable programs to fit the requirements, or On-Demand subscriptions giving you the flexibility and the coverage that best fit your budget and needs. 

Our Core Customer Care Services Include:

  • Oracle DBA Services
  • Oracle Infrastructure & Platform Services
  • Oracle Patches & Updates
  • Oracle Cloud Services
  • On-Demand Support Options
  • Customer Care Portal

Top Benefits When Partnering with Mythics Customer Care:

  • Refocus your IT staff’s attention on strategy & key organization priorities.
  • Develop a succession plan to ensure uninterrupted support as valued employees retire or unexpectedly leave the organization.
  • Implement proactive threat avoidance strategies.
  • Fill short term employee gaps including, extended absence or vacations, unexpected resignations, or employee retirements.
  • Create an IT insurance policy for times of emergency or urgent need.
  • Reduce the risk of adopting and running highly beneficial new technologies that are outside the skillset of your current internal team.

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