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    A threat can come from anyone, anywhere, anytime


    Let us be your early warning system
    A staggering number of public social media conversations take place every day. Sifting through them all for a single threat is virtually impossible. Social Sentinel puts you where the conversations happen with proactive solutions to help you identify potential threats hiding in plain sight.

    What do we do?
    Social Sentinel combines a passion for safety and security, an understanding of human communication, and a relentless dedication to invention, to create solutions that improve the safety, security, and vibrancy of our communities.

    Why we exist
    Safety is a human right, and our need to be connected is a human drive. The explosive proliferation of social media finds some users posting their harmful intentions—publicly—towards the people and places where we learn, work and play.

    Our service provides clients with insights into those public threats to help maintain the safety of their communities. We do this with a commitment to protect our collective (and constitutional) rights to: privacy, freedom of association, and freedom of speech; a commitment found in the DNA of the design and delivery of our service.

    Learn more at www.socialsentinel.com.

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