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    The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)

    The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) sought to create a versatile space that accentuated their location behind Independence Hall. This space needed to seamlessly transition from an open plan to private offices, including spaces for entertainment, connection, and focus. 

    Despite their variety of needs, Meyer Design sought an efficient and cost-effective solution that could accommodate limited design hours. OFS Brands’ array of space solutions and OMNIA Partners contract proved perfect to craft a functional, beautiful, and personalized space that went beyond their expectations. 

    By using the OMNIA Partners contract which offers a great pricing structure, there was no reason to send the furniture package to bid. This allowed the design team the time and freedom to fully specify one manufacturer and delve deep into the options they had to offer. The time typically allocated to bidding could now be spent paying attention to details within the design. The overall project was a success and the client is very happy!

    - Deb Breslow, Principal at Meyer Design

    fire case studyfire case study
    fire case studyfire case study

    The North American Mission Board

    The North American Mission Board sought a space that better reflected their brand and supported their spatial needs. As a company that helps with church planting, training, and fundraising, they needed to move from private offices to a larger mix between open plan, private office, and collaborative third spaces. They reached out to Myrick Gurosky to help with the design, who also drew Hatcher Schuster into the picture. Hatcher Schuster, a design firm who frequently collaborates with OFS, invited the North American Mission Board team to the Atlanta OFS showroom.

    At the showroom, the team was impressed with the combination of great pricing and design detail, falling especially in love with Staks—the perfect blend of collaborative and private workspaces. OFS also belongs to the OMNIA Partners' contract, which provided a deeper discount—and better use of the NAMB budget. With the contract, extensive breadth of line, and relationship between Hatcher Schuster and OFS, it was the obvious solution. Today, the North American Mission Board team adores their new space as it better highlights the work that they do and supports their future endeavors. 

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