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    Pest Control Products and Services

    Pest Control Services

    Integrated Pest Management, rodent control, mosquito control, fly control, bed bug control, termite control and other exclusion services are all pest control solutions Orkin can offer your facility.


    You’re conscious of how clean your business is now more than ever. Orkin VitalClean® uses a powerful disinfecting treatment to help remove pathogens, like the viruses that cause the flu and COVID-19. When you need next-level clean that supports your pest program and a healthy business environment, trust your Orkin Pro.

    Odor Control

    Masking odors doesn’t work – instead of just covering up bad smells, Orkin can help you prevent them altogether.

    Restroom Care

    A clean restroom is crucial for your business, staff and patrons. Using a service provider who sets the bar high for hygiene and sanitation helps you maintain your business’s standards and reputation.


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