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    Play & Park Structures is the recognized groundbreaker in inclusive, accessible, and universal playground designs for those of all strengths and abilities. Play & Park put a strong emphasis fact-based scientific research by partnering with a Scholar Network and industry networks. Only through purposeful product development can Play & Park Structures design a play experience that features specific elements and activities that benefit the WHOLE child.

    Meeting the Demand for Variety and Inclusion

    SuperMax play systems offer the most variety and the largest decks so many children of all abilities can play together. Custom structures can be designed with challenging activities for all ages or a specific age group.

    Maximize Play Value for More Compact Spaces

    DuraMax systems offer the same great play value as SuperMax in a smaller footprint. The affordable option when space and budget considerations are most important, DuraMax structures can meet play value requirements without breaking the budget.

    Be Active with Design Flexibility

    Horizons play systems offer a fun way for children to get outside and be more active than ever before. The unique deckless design offers continuous play with no predetermined path, and are fitness-focused with multiple overhead, balancing, core, and climbing events.

    Be in the Moment Capturing the Memories!

    Introducing the SelfieSwing, the only face-to-face swing where parents can capture photos or video of their child as they swing, hands-free! The asymmetrical bar attachment discourages users from crossing paths with other swings. All members of the family will delight in capturing unforgettable moments during their swing experience.

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