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    Temple Trolley

    Introducing the Temple Trolley! Putting a new spin on a traditional track ride, the Temple Trolley offers a unique free-spinning experience while gliding from one end to the other.

    Paramount to the creation of the new Temple Trolley ride is the long-standing partnership between Play & Park Structures and world-renowned scientist, inventor, author, and advocate for people with autism, Dr. Temple Grandin. Diagnosed with autism as a child, Dr. Grandin has provided invaluable insight into how kids with autism can be influenced by structures we build. Her childhood experiences were the inspiration for the Temple Trolley.

    “This is just like a piece of the equipment a teacher built for me when I was a child,” said Grandin. “I enjoyed flying through the air, spinning, and riding it over and over again.”

    Through our collaboration with Dr. Grandin and other researchers and experts, Play & Park Structures will continue to offer exceptional outdoor experiences to children of all abilities.


    Swing into fun with Play & Park Structures’ proprietary play event the SelfieSwing! Parent, child, or friends can enjoy face-to-face interaction, while recording the moment.

    Parents can easily place a child in the tot seat before sitting adjacent for a fun ride that can be experienced together! The asymmetrical bar attachment discourages users from crossing paths with other swings. All members of the family will delight in capturing unforgettable moments during their swing experience.

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