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    For decades, Play & Park Structures has been offering customers a variety of unique, creative, and inclusive outdoor play spaces. Understanding how play benefits the whole child, Play & Park Structures thoughtful design promotes healthy lifestyles, encourages imaginative play, and provides a space for social and physical growth for children of all abilities.

    What sets Play & Park Structures apart is the promise of a “boutique” experience which is driven by a core mission of genuinely caring about the customer. Our personalized design collaboration and discovery of a community’s needs and wants is paramount to ensuring the result is the desired outcome.

    Play & Park Structures ignited the Healthy Kids Initiative to support playgrounds across the country to be built and updated. Play & Park Structures is dedicated to the growth of children, specifically through this initiative for children to live happy and healthy lives. Agencies can leverage the Play & Park Structures contract through OMNIA Partners to enhance any community. Click below to apply! 


    Our Mission

    Our mission is centered on an offering of products, programs and services to provide you with the tools you need to be a hero in your community. Our promises to you are simple: enhance classroom learning, create environmental awareness, promote physical activity, play for all abilities, and building community.

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