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    Household Moving, Relocation Services and Related Products

    PODS storage containers can support elementary, high school and college. From managing equipment to renovation projects, PODS can streamline operations for your institution while keeping costs to a minimum.

    PODS is an accredited vendor for public education institutions. We proudly serve schools of all levels by offering the benefits of security and safety in the services we provide. 


    Campus Renovations - Move forward with campus construction and remodeling to enhance the student experience, maintain staff efficiency, or to improve safety with PODS storage containers. Store project supplies, furniture and dorm contents inside our units, which can be locked and kept on the job site.

    Physical Distancing - Make space on your campus for social distancing to reduce COVID transmission by using PODS containers to store excess classroom furniture and equipment. Our containers can be kept as long as you need them for, whether it’s a few weeks or several months.

    Inventory and Supplies - Store PPE, textbooks, classroom furniture, medical supplies, athletic equipment, band instruments, and more. Whether on campus or away at tournaments and competitions, PODS containers are an ideal inventory management solution.

    Seasonal Storage - At all times of year, PODS has school storage solutions to keep your maintenance and holiday inventory protected. Seasonal equipment for groundskeeping to special decorations for annual celebrations can be securely stored in an on-site container or at a PODS Storage Center.

    Athletics and Events- Athletic equipment demands vary throughout the year. PODS portable storage containers and secure on-site storage solutions can be put to work for your athletic departments year-round as well as support the needs of all student life activities. Keep supplies for school plays, Greek life, graduation ceremonies, sports tournaments or fundraising events close at hand.


    Streamline operations and reduce costs with PODS moving and portable storage solutions. With over two decades of experience working with public agencies of all levels ranging from education to disaster management, PODS is the leading choice for moving and storage solutions. PODS offers on-site and temporary storage, off-site storage, moving, and logistics.  Have peace of mind knowing your valuable goods are safe when stored inside one of our high-security containers. At PODS for Business, we connect each customer with a dedicated representative who has the knowledge and experience in your industry that is necessary for solving your biggest challenges. 

    PODS® is an industry-leading provider for moving and storage solutions serving both residential and commercial markets across the United States and Canada. Established in 1998, PODS pioneered the innovative portable storage concept that is flexible to the modern customer and the unique demands of business today. Since its founding, the PODS network has completed more than 700,000 long-distance moves, exceeded 4 million deliveries, and has a fleet with over 220,000 PODS containers in service.  


    Adaptable Moving & Storage

    PODS steel-framed storage containers can be conveniently placed in a single parking space with little clearance space. They can be kept on-site, kept at a PODS storage location, moved locally or across the country.

    Scalable Solutions

    PODS for Business serves both large and small organizations alike. With our nationwide network of transportation, we're able to meet you whenever and wherever need be. Additionally, you can mix and match container sizes to create the right storage solution for your projects.

    End-to-End Logistics

    We offer custom solutions for any organization or public agency. Whether it is distributing cargo among locations, renovating facilities, or meeting a short-notice delivery window, PODS for Business has an adaptable logistics solution for you.


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