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    Premier-US Foods

    Food Distribution Services and Products

    K-12 Foodservice Program

    To drive the highest savings possible for public agencies, the K-12 Premier Foodservice Program addresses product cost, fee-per-case for distribution and program incentives. 

    Program benefits combine guaranteed national distribution program with access to a comprehensive portfolio of competitively bid contracted manufacturer agreements (CMAs) that can help you save on more than 300,000 food and non-food products. Additionally, members may be eligible for incentives based on performance including early pay, new business and program maximization.

    Premier’s cost of distribution is defined by a fixed fee-per-case based on a members average drop size. The fee-per-case will remain firm and fixed through the contract term. Average drop size will be reviewed quarterly and adjustments to the earned fee-per-case will be made.

    Getting Started

    Market Basket: Request a Market Basket to see how our manufacturer agreements and distribution program through US Foods can provide value.

    Enrollment Form: Sign up for the program and begin utilizing US Foods to obtain the discounts and savings through our agreements. After you fill out the required information, you’ll soon be contacted by US Foods to confirm your delivery schedule, account representation and get your credit details established.


    Contact Information

    Phone: 877-981-3312
    Fax: 886-809-9247