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    We believe that it all starts with what’s real. And we know that both you and your diners are hungry for better. You want authentic, simple ingredients from sources you know and trust, along with clear information to help you decide what’s right for your establishment. We’re committed to working with our partners and suppliers to bring you the best and widest selection of products that are Local, Sustainable or made with Well-Being in mind.


    We’ve built a solid network of local producers who can deliver what you need, when you need it. So, you never have to go far to get products sourced close to home*—and you can feel great about knowing you’re supporting local communities.


    Providing responsible options that align to one’s lifestyle and values. Through our Serve Good® program, we equip you with responsibly sourced products or items that contribute to waste reduction, so you can keep your menu on-trend and your values front and center.

    Serve Good® Program

    The Serve Good® program represents our continuing effort at US Foods® to serve delicious food while serving good. From sustainably sourced foods to items made from recycled materials, products within the Serve Good portfolio are developed with suppliers who are committed to responsible practices, and many items come with the reassurance of verification by third-party certifiers. To be included in the Serve Good program, a product requires two attributes. First, it must come with a claim of responsible sourcing or contribution to waste reduction. Second, it must arrive to our customers in packaging that meets our program specifications.


    The product claim for all Serve Good items falls into one of several categories*:

    Serve Good

    * Agricultural Practices Include: Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade Certified™ and Rainforest Alliance Certified™

    To learn more on the Serve Good® program visit USFOODS.COM


    From options like plant-based alternatives to clean ingredients, to fresh foods and more. We bring you a wide selection made with simple ingredients, designed to satisfy the specific dietary needs of your customers.

    Unpronounceable List


    Consumers today are demanding products with simple and clean ingredient labels, and at US Foods® we are committed to helping our operators meet those expectations...

    Through our Unpronounceables List initiative, we have cleaned up our ingredient profiles – creating new US Foods Exclusive Brand products and reformulating others by avoiding, removing or replacing certain ingredients and food additives such as artificial flavors and artificial (FD&C) colors, hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup and MSG. In fact, none of the dozens of ingredients on our Unpronounceables List will be found on the product ingredient labels from our four best-quality brands. 

    Unpronouceables Ingredient List

    To learn more on the Unpronounceables, visit USFOODS.COM



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