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    Prudential Overall Supply

    Rental of Uniforms, Floor Mats, Mops, and Towels and Related Services

    ASN Network

    ASN's vision is to be the premier provider of uniform and textile services to businesses throughout North America requiring national service coverage. Prudential's ASN Network and affiliate members give Prudential nationwide coverage. Through Prudential's ASN network there is one sole agreement that all affiliates abide by. This ensures that standardization is guaranteed nationwide. Prudential is the founding member of the ASN Network. 

    All affiliate members of the ASN Network can be utilized and take part in the OMNIA Partners Cooperative through the City of Tucson's master agreement. 

    ASN Offering Highlights Include:

    • National account coverage with localized attention and nationalized reporting systems 
    • Advanced inventory control
    • Just-in-time repair system
    • State-of-the-art laundry processing facilities 
    • National account management team
    • Personalized customer communications
    • Transition management team
    • Service warranty

    ASN Companies


    Please contact: omniapartners@pos-clean.comif you'd like to learn more about how our ASN affiliates can serve you. 

    Contact Information

    Phone: (800) 767-5536

    For more information, please contact Prudential Overall Supply HERE.