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    PSI Services

    Proctoring Solutions: Live Online and Automated

    PSI Services provides schools, universities and institutions with a market-leading, secure alternative to traditional testing methods. As educators transition exams online, exam and institutional integrity must be maintained.

    PSI’s online proctoring solutions allow educators to:

    • Accurately authenticate the student’s identity
    • Easily identify, and report possible misconduct during exams
    • Directly answer any questions or concerns from students in real time
    • PSI’s online proctoring solutions work seamlessly with any LMS or test delivery system and supports every phase of test development – from creation to results review.

    PSI has worked with 100’s of educators to support their move to online proctoring, so why do schools keep choosing PSI?

    Exam integrity:

    • PSI is a full-service provider, offering a range of solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with existing Learning Management or Exam Delivery systems
    • Test development and psychometricians on hand to help build and analyze your programs
    • PSI’s solutions offer robust reporting to address exam violations and analyze results

    The human touch:

    • PSI never relies on AI alone to determine whether your students fail or pass their exams
    • AI technologies assist human proctors in detecting any malpractice, while not replacing the human element of proctoring a test
    • Support is offered 24/7 to students and institutions

    Reduced exam anxiety:

    • Students login via a secure lockdown browser
    • Proctors can never access the student’s device or personal information
    • Students are thoroughly authenticated prior to sitting their exam

    If you’re an institution interested in finding out more about online proctoring with PSI, reach out today!


    Customer Testimonials

    At PSI we are committed to delivering excellence in testing solutions. Our customers say it best, and their experiences tell the story of PSI.

    University of Alaska Anchorage

    "Given the option, 80% of students choose PSI due to the conveniences of the system. It’s been an extremely helpful system, making our courses truly online."

    University of South Alabama School of Nursing

    "RPNow allowed us to achieve our objective for providing a user-friendly and effective test proctoring solution that ensures academic integrity in an online testing environment."

    Ivy Tech Community College

    "PSI has done an amazing job creating a product that colleges and universities need to develop student workforce readiness skills. They are truly on the cusp of greatness with this product."