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    Rehrig Pacific Company

    Waste and Recycling Solutions

    Putting a Lid on Waste

    Everything Rehrig makes is reusable. But we’ve taken that a step further by obsessing over sustainability in our approach. We pioneered a previously impossible process to build our carts out of an unprecedented 40% recycled material, without sacrificing strength or curb appeal. And we have a best-in-class R&D lab leading the way in figuring out what we can build our carts out of next, from bulky rigid plastic like patio chairs and laundry hampers, to tough materials like ocean waste and discarded rope.

    Bulky Rigid Plastics

    Bulky rigid plastic – think large plastic toys, laundry hampers, deck chairs – has always presented a unique recycling challenge. Most recyclers want to avoid it because it’s tough to pick up and tougher to break down. But Rehrig Pacific is engineering new solutions to incorporate recycled bulky rigid plastic into our roll-out carts and other products, turning over a new leaf in sustainability efforts.


    Aesthetics, strength, and sustainability used to be trade-offs, but we pioneered a patented co-injection technology that produces a cart like no one has ever seen: at its core, 100% recycled material. On the outside, a virgin plastic shell, able to be dyed and branded to match your specific needs. The result? A durable, beautiful cart that’s good for the environment.

    Shorter Freight Lanes

    Over the years, Rehrig Pacific has invested in an unprecedented seven domestic manufacturing plants here in the USA. More than 90% of Americans live within a day’s drive of a Rehrig Pacific plant, meaning we use short routes and minimal fossil fuels to deliver our products.


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