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    Multifunction Devices & Managed Print Services

    Deliver a modern educational experience

    Student outcomes are influenced by many factors, including the ease with which teachers, administrators and students can communicate and collaborate. Outdated technologies and manual processes can slow down productivity, lower participation and increase frustration - especially for digital natives.

    K-12 Learning Innovation Services provide educational technologies designed to increase teacher-student engagement. Enhance learning environments with video access for distance learning, interactive flat panel displays, mobile access, cloud services and more. For higher education, our consulting team delivers Digital Campus Solutions that move IT infrastructure to the cloud, enable campus-wide collaboration, provide cyber security and more.

    Improve workplace productivity

    • Collaboration Services boost efficiency with cloud unified communications that support conferencing and messaging services, visual communications such as interoperable video conferencing and interactive flat panel displays, and VoIP services for smooth, around-the-clock telephony.
    • Facilities & Workplace Management Services help make the best use of your real estate. After analyzing configurations, lighting, furniture, AV equipment and other elements, we'll convert legacy spaces into modern, efficient offices.
    • Intelligent Locker Services provide temporary, secure storage for small assets, personal belongings, mail and packages. The cloud-based management system makes it easy to assign and release the electronic lockers, and it tracks all transactions.