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    Multifunction Devices & Managed Print Services

    Go digital for the right reasons

    Paper files and records slow down things essential to your growth: research, analysis, decisions, competitiveness and responsiveness. Going digital makes sense for cost, efficiency and risk reduction reasons, and for transforming information so it's useful, accessible and searchable. Data capture services, as well as onsite, cloud and hybrid data storage options, enable flexible approaches to meet security, governance and compliance requirements.

    Communicate and collaborate effectively

    Accelerate a digital journey for any business, including state and local government, with Digitization and Data Processing. Our business process outsourcing experts will scan paper documents, organize your digital content and set up workflows within your CMS, CRM or other systems.

    Serve students and families better and faster while lowering your operational costs with K-12 Records Management. Our K-12 experts will help you figure out a digital strategy, then implement and support it. For higher educational institutions, Student Records allows you to scan and capture student records and manage them centrally through all stages of the college experience. Improve student-teacher collaboration by integrating your learning management systems.

    Reach your goals with records digitization

    thumbnail of Township of Springwater case study


    The Township of Springwater worked with Ricoh to implement a first-of-its-kind digital records management system to improve their document storage and deliver system helping to decrease storage space, save staff time and improve resident satisfaction.