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    Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

    Empower the Connected Agency

    As a government agency, your digital transformation strategy focuses on navigating through uncertainty. It removes siloed, legacy technology that hinders employee engagement and citizen trust. Let's explore how RingCentral will support these key objectives, modernize your agency communications, and empower the connection between your agency and the community your serve. 

    Agencies are embracing digital transformation to meet citizens' increasing communications needs and to enable employees to work in a hybrid environment

    As agencies move through this transformation, it's important to identify (and avoid) any technology silos that can develop.

    When you connect your agency communications platform within a cloud-based framework, you will be positioned to support your strategic impoeratives and overcome key operational challenges: 

    • Employee collaboration complexity: Legacy communications systems provide inadequate employee access and cause collaboration gaps. 
    • Legacy tools: Current collaboration processes—email and voicemail—contribute to staff inefficiencies as they move between limited systems to collaborate in a hybrid environment.
    • Negative citizen experience: Siloed communication pathways cause a disjointed interaction with citizens.

    RingCentral for Government Agencies

    Modern, cloud-based communications technology can seamlessly incorporate robust message, video, phone, and contact center capability into your employee and citizen experiences. The ability of staff to connect over these integrated and always-available channels from any device reduces citizen coordination delyas, improves citizen experience, and increases mutual employee and citizen satisfaction. RingCentral combines unified comunications and contact center solutions to enable the connected agency. 

    Employee collaboration: Improve Internal Communication

    Employees impact the citizen experience, as they represent both their agency and the overall government to each citizen—whether answering a simple request or providing time-sensitive services. RingCentral's communications platform empowers employees to "do more with less" in a hybrid work environment. Staff can collaborate in real time with peers and citizens through RingCentral MVP™. 

    • Hybrid environment: Give employees an easy-to-use communications platform to collaborate in a hybrid environment—from anywhere on any device.
    • Collaboration and communication: Empower employees to share files, delegate tasks, collaborate through messages, take and make calls, and engage in video meetings through a no-download, secure browser experience. 
    • Integration: Integrate seamlessly with applications, such as Microsoft Teams and Salesforce, with a phone integration so your employees can communicate on their channel of choice.
    Operational efficiency: Securely connect and collaborate

    Successful digital transformation requires that employees and citizens can communicate on a reliable, secure platform. Cloud PBX technology replaces unreliable, legacy phone systems while empowering user adoption through an easy-to-use system.

    • Employee efficiency: With reduced resources, agencies can support employees to operate efficiently in a seamless application.
    • Cost reduction: Prioritizing cloud-based communications infrastructure reduces the cost and time commitment associated with managing and maintaining legacy systems.
    • Reliable systems: With RingCentral, agencies receive a cloud-based PBX all-in-one platform, enabling secure, reliable collaboration. 
    Citizen experience: Build Citizen Trust

    Offering diverse and personalized channels to engage with your citizens makes it easier for them to access your services, which improves their citizen experience and builds trust. With RingCentral Contact CenterTM, you can optimize your agency website with web chat or configure call routing. Your agency can notify citizens of upcoming activities or deadlines while engaging them via messaging with automated SMS reminders.

    • First-call resolution: Citizens can engage with the right agent either through RingCentral’s cloud-based all-in-one platform via message, video, or phone or through our contact center platform, regardless of call volume demand. 
    •  Accessibility and inclusivity: Ensure technology isn’t a barrier to citizens that don’t have access to technology or a fast internet connection by offering multiple channels of interaction, equitably serving all citizens.
    • Secure communications: Exchange confidential employee and citizen data across secure, encrypted collaboration channels.