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    Roofing Products and Services

    1. Roof Asset Management Program and Warranty Maximization Program:

    Each individual customer's portfolio will require specific pricing to be established.

    Roof with Expired or New Roof Warranty
    + Upgrade to RoofConnect H2Otight Standard (if necessary)
    + RoofConnect Asset Management Program / Roof Warranty Connect Program = Firm Fixed Price, PM, Housekeeping and Leak Response for specified period of time

    * Inspection and inventory with condition assessment
    * Access via a web-based information management program
    * Infrared Roof Moisture Survey
    * Asbestos Roof Core Testing
    * Specification Development

    RoofConnect is approved to perform warranty repairs by all major roofing manufacturers. This approval means that RoofConnect can perform reasonable warranty repairs WHILE ON-SITE. This reduces the need for return trips and reduces the time taken to solve leaking defects, which translates to reduce impact on the OMNIA Partners, Public Sector participant’s property and occupants.

    RoofConnect offers a unique invoicing program whereby costs for warranty and non-warranty roofing repairs are handled internally. This process allows for faster invoicing to you and eliminates the delay of billing often seen when invoices are delivered through the warranty holder and billed back to the customer.

    The RoofConnect Warranty Maximization Program is designed to help protect the best interest of our clients by protecting them from unnecessary costs and delays in repairs.

    2. Roof Consulting Services:

    The primary focus of our roof consulting service is to assist in maximizing capital and maintenance investment in roofing expenditures, managing the roofing asset for optimization. When managing roof assets, regardless of being a commercial, education, government or non-profit building, the goal is the same: Maximize service life and performance of the roof asset for the lowest possible cost, thereby achieving the lowest life cycle cost of the asset.

    3. Asphalt & Paving Services:

    Customized Projects and Management for Asphalt and Concrete Paving Needs
    * Can obtain proposals from multiple providers 
    * Value engineered parking lot recommendations
    * Monitor project progress 
    * Succinct communication throughout the process
    * Help determine maintenance vs. reconstruction costs and budgets for one or multiple years

    4. Photovoltaic Roofing Solutions:

    Many of RoofConnect’s Member Owners are established authorities in design, procurement and construction of rooftop solar installations that will satisfy your financial, operational, environmental and governmental needs.

    Pricing for Photovoltaic Roofing Solutions is available upon request and determined by individual job requirements and specifications.

    5. Snow Load Management & Removal:

    As a preventive measure, it is good to have a yearly assessment of your roof to make sure there are no underlying repairs that need to be done prior to a heavy snow. It’s important to understand the risk that snow and ice accumulation poses, and it’s even more important to secure proper snow and ice removal services before the storm, before all resources are allocated.

    In the event of any winter storms, snowfall can be monitored by RoofConnect Technicians, measured and assessed to determine whether or not it exceeds your roof’s weight capacity, and when it does, it is important to remove immediately. Even when snow or ice accumulation does not exceed your roof’s weight capacity, drifting and wind can cause unanticipated roof failures or leaks. Furthermore, snow and ice melt-off can freeze and block drainage systems.

    Snow Measurement & Removal Service:
    * Measurement of snow load in four quadrants of roof surface.
    * Clearing of drains, scuppers and gutters.
    * Monitor drifts and accumulation on HVAC and other rooftop equipment.
    * Removal of excess snow on monitored roofs.


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