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    Every year as summer draws to an end, families across the country start crossing items off their back-to-school checklists. Along with backpacks and school supplies, planning for the beginning of the school year includes ensuring immunizations are up-to-date and physicals are completed. The start of the school year usually brings a wave of 'bugs' and infections, so schools often prepare students and families with helpful information about how to prevent common back-to-school illnesses.

    The Need For Quality Cleaning Whitepaper

    How does cleaning help reduce infection transmission? By removing infection-causing microbes, or pathogens, from school surfaces commonly touched by little hands.

    Download the whitepaper to learn more about the value of utilizing microfiber for enhanced cleaning efficiency in the classroom.

    Benefits of Using Microfiber Cleaning Products

    Backed by a team of engineers and scientists, Rubbermaid Commercial Products has been setting the bar for high-quality cleaning products for years. RCP Light Commercial Microfiber, available as cloths and as mop pads, has:

    • High Split Factor: 16-split in over 95 percent of fibers, each of which is incredibly fine, measuring less than one denier. This translates into maximized surface area and microbe and particle removal.
    • Enhanced Microbe Removal: Third-party laboratory testing has shown RCP Light Commercial Microfiber removes 99.7 percent or more of tested microorganisms on VCT with water only
    • Durable Design: The warp-knit microfiber can withstand up to 200 launderings without bleach and 100 launderings when performed according to CDC parameters for laundering healthcare textiles.
    • Color Coding: Designed to assist in cleaning by area or task and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
    • Versatility: The microfiber can be used for wet cleaning or dry dusting on all surface materials

    Click the resources below to discover how you can ensure your students can be protected against germs in classrooms with these featured products.

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