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    CrackleClean™ Sanitizer

    CrackleClean™ Sanitizer is an interactive sanitizing solution. It provides a fun, interactive, and engaging experiene, encouraging users to sanitize their hands more often. This unique hand hygiene system is highly moisturizing and provides a large dose per usage for optimal sanitization.

    Features and Benefits

    Encourages Hand Hygiene
    • Kills 99.99% of tested bacteria
    • FDA registered formula
    • Adjustable dosing
    • Fully ADA compliant
    • Antimicrobial push bar
    • NSF certification (in progress)
    Innovative, Engaging Formula
    • Interactive experience
    • Moisturizing formula enriched with skin conditioners
    • Dye-Free & Alcohol-Free, ideal for sensitive skin
    • light, pleasant fragrance
    Unique, Premium System
    • Sleek, clean dispenser design
    • Dispenser securely hold refill
    • Flexible dispensing options
    • Easy installation
    • Optional add-on drip tray

    CrackClean Sanitizer Sell Sheet™