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    Furniture and Installation


    The definition of standard delivery and installation is unpacking, full assembly, ready-to-use, installed in designated room, and dunnage removed. Standard charges will be during normal hours of operation, without union wages or prevailing wage. This service is often charged in conjunction with inside delivery. If an elevator is unable to be used on an installation for any location above or below ground floor, additional charges may be assessed. Installation charges are negotiated separately between the customer and the authorized dealer using the estimates per man hour proposed in the solicitation. The range of estimates for installation is shown below.

    installation chart


    This is a national contract and install wages vary by state, product line, size, logistics, scope, and level of difficulty. The not to exceed installation amount for standard delivery (not to include prevailing or union wage) is $75 per man hour, in the first contract year. The prevailing wage as shown above will be a percentage increase, over standard delivery, and the union wage will require an additional percentage beyond that. Trip charges will be charged as man hours. If the installation requires more than one installer, the range of estimates per man hours will be multiplied by the number of people required. The percentage per year upcharge is 3% per year the contract is in place, and will be applied to both the minimum and maximum per man hour to get a new range through the expiration of the contract.


    Variables to Consider:

    • Location/State install is being performed in
    • Union or non-union
    • Prevailing Wage or Non-prevailing wage
    • Freestanding or attached to the building
    • Size of project
    • Elevator or no elevator
    • Scope of project
    • Level of Difficulty
    • Number of people required
    • Logistics
    • Upcharge for inflation per additional year

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