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    Furniture and Installation

    We believe furnishing a high-performance workspace that reflects your brand and culture should be simple. Offering unique solutions at the right price, we provide you with a curated and complete portfolio of products that help you respond to the new workday. This includes workspace furnishings and ancillary products from the Safco® brand, as well as those of Mayline® and Focal Upright®. Couple that with a holistic service offering and fast shipping, and you have the ideal partner to help your workspace and your people achieve more.



    Some projects may qualify for space planning services. Our team of space planning experts provide work space and storage solution designs for our high-density storage, TechWorks, and large office plan projects.  Our design renderings showcase how Safco products will fit into your space and bring in color and textures so you can see what your space will look like – making guesswork a thing of the past. We strive to have all standard product requests processed within 2-4 business days.  Our space planning services are online at the links below:


    Follow the steps below to request a drawing:

    Complete survey below (if applicable)

    High-Density Storage https://www.safcoproducts.com/SafcoProducts/media/Safco/Documents/filingstoragesurvey201810.pdf

    Mailroom https://www.safcoproducts.com/SafcoProducts/media/Safco/Documents/mailroomsurvey201810.pdf

    Send an email with the below information to: spaceplanning@safcoproducts.com

    1) Applicable survey from above if required

    2) Dimensionally accurate drawing of the space or an AutoCAD file

    3) Details on project expectations

    If you have any space planning questions, give us a call at 800-735-6869 or email spaceplanning@safcoproducts.com


    Inquiring minds want to know: What exactly is 48 Hour Quick Ship? 48 Hour Quick Ship means that the product will ship from one of our DC’s within 48 hours of a complete Purchase Order being sent. Now you may be wondering what a complete Purchase Order means; It simply means it has all the information we need to submit an order such as color and feature choices, quantity, shipping information, etc. are present and accounted for.

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