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    On Call Plan Review Services

    About SAFEbuilt

    SAFEbuilt was founded in 1992, and built on the principal for serving the communities we live, work, and play – by enabling local government building departments to improve service quality, save money, and improve community satisfaction

    Day in and day out for the past 27 years, we partner with local governments to meet their specific needs in building better communities. Today we provide community development services to over 1,000 municipalities across residential, commercial, industrial, hospitals, schools, offices, casinos, prisons and resorts. Our goal is to deliver our clients solutions that

    • Stabilize Budgets
    • Reduce Costs
    • Increase Efficiencies
    • Increase Customer Service, and
    • Right-Size Staffing


    Committed to Local Communities

    SAFEbuilt is committed to be a positive and local, corporate partner in each community we serve. We live in the communities we serve and actively participate and support each community. Last year SAFEbuilt partnered with our communities to accomplish the following:

    • $20,000 in Student Scholarships
    • $380,000 in local charitable contributions
    • 300+ local organizations supported

    For more information on SAFEbuilt visit www.SAFEbuilt.com