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    Homeland Security, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

    Municipal Industrial

    Industrial workers are the blood in the veins of a community. From confined space and construction to electricians, traffic control, and much more, Industrial workers keep the world spinning. Through Safeware and OMNIA Partners, the process is quick and smooth allowing you to focus more time & energy on your work. Speak with a sales expert today to find the best safety solution for you.


    • Service
    • Installation
    • Asset Tracking

    First Aid

    • Trauma (T.E.A.C.H.) Kits
    • Bus Kits
    • Supplies

    Water, Sewer, and Public Works

    • Fixed and Portable Gas Detection
    • Drones, Remote and Operated Vehicles
    • Sorbents
    • Confined Space Equipment
    • Flood Detection
    • PPE


    Traffic Safety/DOT

    • Sorbents
    • Signs, Roll Up Stands and Trailers
    • Flashlights and Lighting Solutions
    • Gas and Solar Generators
    • Glass Beads
    • Cones and Barricades
    • Vests
    • Jersey Walls
    • Sign Trailers
    • Speed Cameras and Trailers
    Safeware Government & Industrial Safety Solutions
    K-12 Classroom Safety Solutions
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    Safeware Masks and Respirators

    Battery Safety Solutions 
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    Safeware Safety Solutions