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    Schindler CleanMobility Solutions

    For Elevators, Escalators & Moving Walks

    Schindler offers a variety of products designed to minimize contact and increase social distancing. Schindler CleanMobility products can sanitize high-contact surfaces or even eliminate the need to touch them altogether. Simple to use and easy to install, Schindler CleanMobility products can accommodate nearly any type of installation. 

    Clean and touchless operation solutions

    ElevateMe App
    Touchless elevator operation with the swipe of a smartphone

    CleanCall Wave
    Place elevator calls with a wave of your hand

    CleanCall Tap
    Place elevator calls with a tap of your foot

    CleanCall Hover
    Call an elevator by hovering your finger over the pushbutton

    CleanCall Grid
    Select your floor by holding your finger over the button

    Touchless Operation Options
    Transports passengers floor to floor without pressing a button

    Passenger space & social distancing solutions

    Handrail Sanitization options
    Reliable protection for escalator and moving walk handrails

    CleanAir Ion
    Provides continuous reduction of airborne viruses and bacteria.

    Visual Guidance Options
    Decals help manage elevator traffic and passenger positioning