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    A Return-to-Schoolbook, Learning together from the ground up

    Almost overnight, much of our life turned on a dime. The effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic shifted the fundamentals of the education system for 2020 and for the years to come. As a society, we reinvented the way we teach, learn, socialize and create. Just as virtual learning shaped a new normal at home for many students and families, returning to our schools post-COVID-19 will also create a new normal.

    Our Return-to-Schoolbook presents considerations for design ideas that support many of the established recommendations for returning to school, based on a range of scenarios of time, budgets, and aesthetic preferences.

    Learn Together A Return to Schoolbook Shaw Industries

    Shaw Contract

    Shaw Contract is more than a flooring manufacturer. 

    Shaw Contract designs and manufactures carpet and resilient products that give foundation to space and support for people within it. Our human-centered approach to service combines mind, hand and heart with the goal to make a smarter impact for our clients in all that we do. Ours is an optimistic agenda that places power for positive change at scale in all our hands for people and planet. We’re headquartered in Cartersville, Georgia, USA with associates and operations all over the world.

    We believe innovative design inspires change. 

    Shaw Contract delivers new and innovative flooring solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of diverse market segments and applications around the globe. Our market segments include education, government, healthcare, hospitality, multi-family, senior living, retail and workplace. We are committed to providing best in class design and service across our range of flooring platforms.