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Out of sight, out of mind, on budget and in sync: the dream of the harmonious, optimized data center!

A high-availability data center requires an intricate dance of expertise, advanced security and modern equipment to achieve optimal performance while remaining within budget. Our team of data center experts can help you accomplish all of this (and more) by assessing, monitoring, securing and refreshing your data center environment to your specific requirements.

Why SHI?

Global Capabilities
With office locations across the world, we have what it takes to optimize your environment - no matter where it resides.

By partnering with traditional manufacturers as well as emerging, disruptive players, we have aligned ourselves with the solution providers you need to reach your goals.

Vendor Agnostic
Our certified technology experts provide truly holistic consultation - no strings attached.

On-Site Product Specialists
Looking for a specific solution? Our team of manufacturer-dedicated specialists is available to advise you.

Project Management
We'll help you get your project done on time (and within budget) by looking at the full scope of a solution, considering the interaction of hardware and software, and leveraging applicable pricing programs.

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