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    Information Technology Solutions and Services

    Security Solutions

    Our Security solutions include:

    Endpoint Security
    From desktops and mobile technology to Internet of Things devices and even your actual employees, we’ll help protect all of your endpoints. Learn More.

    Network Security
    Whether physical or virtual, we’ll secure every inch of your network, from firewall to email gateway, and everything in between. Learn More.

    Security Management
    Managing your security practice is half the battle. We’ll help you get your event correlation and identity and access management up to speed. Learn More.

    We’ll examine your entire environment and identify where your practices are strong, where they are weak and how to achieve an ideal security posture. Learn More.

    The SHI Process

    1. Identify Requirements

    First, our team of solution architects and engineers will help you:

    • Create a plan characterizing your existing environment.
    • Align business requirements and lifecycle constraints required to achieve success in both current and future infrastructures.
    • Assist with security policy creation.
    • Analyze market and competitor intelligence, relevant use cases and security roadmaps.

    2. Review Options

    From there, we will:

    • Identify solutions that best meet your needs.
    • Aid in configuration selection, as well as organize technical feature reviews, product demos, pilots and vendor comparisons.
    • Assist with accurate, rapid procurement of services and solutions, including reviewing BOM and financing options.

    3. Deploy and Implement Solutions

    Lastly, our vendor-certified engineers and consultants will:

    • Configure your product sets and infrastructure.
    • Test and validate your final deployment.
    • Assist with solution quick starts, migration and project management.
    • Support and track solution lifecycles within your environment.
    • Maintain solutions through one-off or recurring assessments and resolve any issues that may occur.
    SHI and OMNIA Partners

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