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    Information Technology Solutions and Services


    Experience how ordinary technology becomes extraordinary IT.

    Behind every secure, seamless IT infrastructure is a well-rounded set of services. That’s where SHI comes in.

    We offer a variety of services designed to optimize every corner of your environment – hardware, software and everything in between. Our team of vendor-agnostic and manufacturer-certified experts are there to guide you every step of the way as you select, deploy and manage the solutions that take your organization to the next level.

    SHI Services include:

    Hardware Configuration

    Our 305,000-square-foot Integration Center is capable of producing 3,500 systems per day and storing even more. From smartphones to servers, our experts can configure each and every piece of hardware in your environment.

    IT Asset Management

    Managing your IT assets is a full circle endeavor. From procurement to renewals, our IT Asset Management experts are available to keep you one step ahead of the game, saving you money while reducing audit risk.

    IT Product Lifecycle

    All technology has a lifecycle, and we have the professionals to help you manage that lifecycle - from acquisition and deployment to support and recovery.

    Microsoft Services

    Save time, reduce costs and increase productivity with our highly secure and scalable SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure services.

    Readiness Assessments

    Our vast assortment of assessments are designed to help you shine a light on every corner of your IT environment, including your cloud, data center, end-user computing devices, and security network.

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