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    IT Security Tools - Data Detection


    Today’s SLED agencies own extensive IT landscapes. The sheer volume of data and its widespread nature makes it nearly impossible by conventional means to effectively locate and classify according to its sensitivity level. The rise of data regulations like CMMC, CJIS and FERPA and many others demand a robust approach to minimize breaches and preserve and protect sensitive data.

    Traditionally, enterprises have often relied on vendor-supplied information protection tools. Microsoft, for example, offers Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) and Azure Information Protection (AIP) to label and classify data within the Microsoft and Azure environment. But today’s enterprises are increasingly adopting a multicloud business strategy and spending as much as 35% more annually on private and public cloud options than in the past.Given that their data will naturally end up living in one or more of those platforms at any given time, agencies are now seeking vendor-agnostic solutions, like Spirion, to help them gain visibility and transparency into their data across systems, platforms, and environments.

    White Paper

    To learn more about how progressive SLED agencies are combining MIP/AIP with Spirion’s expansive platform to provide end-to-end data governance across the enterprise, access our white paper, The Ultimate Combination for Enabling End-to-End Data Security and Privacy.

    Tech Talk

    Access this 30 minute tech-talk where we take a look at how Spirion complements Microsoft AIP and MIP to provide your organization with what you need for data security and privacy.

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