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    IT Security Tools - Data Detection


    Comply with ever-changing data privacy regulations, avoid costly fees, protect against data breaches, and defend your organization’s reputation with Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP). Our latest privacy-grade solution helps you discover sensitive data, classify data based on its level of sensitivity, and remediate sensitive datawherever it lives, with 98% accuracy you can trust. The culmination of 15 years of industry-leading experience, Spirion SDP offers:
    • Visibility into data wherever it lives
    • Unmatched accuracy you can trust
    • Automated workflow control for complex discovery, classification and remediation
    • Identity-centric discovery for fast and accurate SRR response
    • High-powered User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) and Visualization

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    Governance Suite
    Spirion discovery
    Spirion classification
    Spirion remediation

    Data Classification
    What is Data Classification and Why is it Important?

    From your social security number to a customer file, anything with sensitive information should be filtered and identified so that the most vulnerable assets can be protected. With increasing cybersecurity threats, data classification has never been more important to safeguard your agency from data leaks and cyberattacks. Spirion through the OMNIA Partners cooperative contract offers solutions to unify security, privacy and governance.

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    data classification
    Data Classification
    data classification