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    Contract Highlights:

    Stantec performs municipal building plan review on behalf of the City of Tucson, reviewing plans submitted to the City with the intent of obtaining a building permit. Our team reviews plan submittals to determine compliance with the City’s adopted building, fire, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fuel gas, energy conservation, and existing building codes. Comment letters are generated and distributed, with the applicant then addressing the comments. When it is determined through subsequent review that the comments have been addressed, Stantec approves the plans and the City subsequently issues the building permit.
    Plan reviews are either done directly on behalf of the City (i.e. 2nd party), with the City giving the plans to Stantec for review and paying Stantec directly, or the applicant can request that the City allow Stantec to perform the review on behalf of the City (i.e. 3rd party), with the applicant paying Stantec directly for the review.


    Joel Svoboda, RA
    Senior Associate, Project Manager – Building
    5151 E. Broadway Boulevard, Suite 400
    Tucson, Arizona 85711
    P: (520) 750-7474 extension 7415