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    TACenergy (Truman Arnold Company)

    Motor and Aviation Fuels

    Why TACenergy?

    TACenergy offers diesel, gasoline, and aviation fuels at the lowest prices. We guarantee that we are more consistent than any major oil supplier. We remain committed to our goal of being the most reliable, convenient, flexible and lowest priced supplier in the nation. 

    TACenergy Wholesale Marketing offers petroleum products at terminal racks and via transport deliveries across the entire US, providing: 

    • Consistent and reliable supply-anywhere, anytime, at the lowest cost
    • Custom and Index formula pricing-consistently competitive prices every day.
    • Major Branded and Custom Unbranded Retail gas station programs
    • Full range of quality gasoline, diesel fuels, jet fuels and certified bio fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. 

    TACenergy complete supply chain management offers customers a dedicated 24/7/365 in house staff, saving customers time and money by actively managing inventory and deliveries, in order to safely achieve the lowest possible delivered cost of product.

    TACenergy Fuel Management Programs offers customers a variety of tools to meet or beat fuel budgets and increase profitability by controlling fuel costs and reducing volatility. TACenergy offers discount programs, fixed prices, collars, caps, and other customized programs to meet your specific goals.

    TACenergy's website, www.tacenergy.com offers customers a web-based environment to receive quotes, invoicing, BOL retreival, and custom reports and analysis. By utilizing technology and employing streamlined processes, we save you time and money, helping you achieve the lowest total fuel costs possible. 

    TACenergy Bulk Trading offers bulk supply and trading across the US with an expansive network of terminals and bulk product shipments via all major US pipeline systems.