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    Driver Awareness Solutions

    Save lives by catching drivers’ attention and alerting them of danger ahead in a variety of settings.


    Key Driver Awareness Solutions Include:

    Wrong-Way Alert Solutions

    Wrong-way driving crashes cause about 1,500 fatalities in the U.S. each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Keep false positives low and reduce wrong-way events at notorious wrong-way driver entry points:

    • Side-by-side highway entrances and exit ramps
    • Exit ramps near side streets
    • Poorly lit entrance and exit ramps

    Improving Wrong-Way Alert Systems with Software

    Wrong-way driving kills about 500 people each year in the U.S. alone. Discover how to reduce wrong-way driving and protect drivers' lives with data and insights from the experts.


    TxDOT, San Antonio District

    As wrong-way driving increased in San Antonio, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) took action, significantly reducing wrong-way driving and recovering costs in just 1.5 years. Due to this success, TxDOT began expanding its wrong-way solution installations.




    Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

    For a new road, the Mobility Authority sought a robust wrong-way solution with thermal imaging. What the agency didn’t anticipate was how common wrong-way driving was — or the system’s headline-grabbing success.


    Curve Warning Solutions

    Engineered to fit the contours of any curve, the BlinkerChevron™ Dynamic Curve Warning System features wirelessly connected LED-enhanced signs to reduce in-curve speeds, keeping drivers on the road.

    • Sequential or simultaneous flash patterns
    • Various flash activation capabilities, including vehicle presence, speed and weather smart detection
    • Integrates with advance curve warning alerts and message boards
    • Double-sided system available

    Reducing Rural Roadway Departures

    Reducing rural roadway departures starts with understanding where and why they occur and what safety countermeasures are available. Learn how to better protect all road users with these data-driven insights.




    Wisconsin Department of Transportation

    Discover how the Wisconsin Department of Transportation saw a 97% decrease in accidents after installing the BlinkerChevron™ Dynamic Curve Warning System.


    Speed Awareness Solutions

    Speeding is involved with approximately one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities, according to the NHTSA. When static signs aren't controlling speeders, turn to speed awareness solutions proven to reduce vehicle speeds.

    SafePace Evolution Radar Feedback Signs

    • SafePace® Pro Sign Management Software is included
    • 24/7 365 days of unlimited programming and scheduling
    • Display on / stealth modes

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    BlinkerRadar™ Driver Feedback System

    • MUTCD-compliant 12” character driver feedback sign (larger feedback sign available upon request)
    • Customizable activation periods
    • Adjustable speed detection threshold
    • Easily installs onto new or existing sign posts

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    BlinkerSign® Flashing Led Speed Limit Sign R2-1

    • MUTCD-compliant
    • High-intensity LEDs are visible more than 1 mile away and heighten driver awareness in bright daylight, night, fog, rain and snow
    • Lightweight unit comes fully assembled, making installation onto any new or existing sign post quick and easy

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    Overheight Warning Solutions

    Reduce major crash factors at low bridges, tunnels, weigh stations, underpasses, parking structures and any low-clearance hazards by:

    • Detecting vehicles that won't clear the structure ahead
    • Notifying drivers of height restrictions, bringing attention back to the road
    • Directing drivers to a safe, alternate route

    Overheight Solutions Brochure

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    How to Reduce Overheight Collisions and Maximize ROI

    Overheight collisions damage infrastructure, cause major injuries and cost communities millions. Reduce these collisions by investing in overheight warning systems with the best configuration for each location.



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