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    Most Americans face financial stress because they spend all their time making money and not nearly enough time managing it properly. Not knowing how to properly budget, allocate, and invest your money is a recipe for financial failure.
    We understand that while people of distinct socioeconomic backgrounds face hardship at different respective income levels, financial stress is present and can take a detrimental toll on their personal wellbeing. FinPath provides solutions that help empower individuals of all income backgrounds to save for a secure financial future.
    Our team strongly believes the best approach to achieve financial wellness is through continuous education and active engagement with financial coaches that help bridge gaps on complex topics. These same core ideas power FinPath and our mission to improve the financial future of our communities.

    The program incorporates the following:

    1. Learning Modules

    • The first level of service provides users with engaging Learning Modules (available in Spanish) that empowers them to make sound financial decisions. These self-guided modules cover over 25 financial topics, including:
      • TRS
      • Social Security for educators
      • Savings rates
      • Banking
      • Managing debt
      • Impact of interest rates
      • Importance of credit scores
      • Financing higher education
      • Renting vs owning a home
      • Buying a car
      • Taxes
      • Insurances
      • Protecting elderly from fraud

    2. Planning Toolkit

    • In addition to the features of Base Camp, this plan provides users a platform that assesses their current financial situation and provides actionable steps to help improve it.
    • How it works:
      • Participants take a comprehensive assessment and receive a financial health score
      • The system generates a detailed, goal-oriented plan
      • A dashboard of actionable steps to take keeps participants accountable and helps improve their health score
      • Contests and incentives help keep employees engaged (optional)

    3. Live Advisor Support

    • Connecting your staff members with non-biased Live Support is crucial to their financial health. TCG Financial Wellness Coaches are available for group workshops and assistance via phone, chat, or email.

    4. Monthly courses through FinPath University

    • Our monthly courses follow a curriculum designed to help people through both the basic and the complex aspects of financial planning. Each course is taught by an advisor for TCG, and the teacher can be made available to any participant for follow-up questions.