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    TDIndustries (TD) has developed strategies to provide powerful solutions in the wake of the coronavirus, equipping facilities with the tools necessary to stay safe and healthy. While the future holds many questions, alleviating risk now is one way to help flatten the curve.

    There are a host of innovative technologies that can improve the air quality of your facility and reduce the risk of future transmission of airborne pathogens. Looking at ways to go above and beyond the ASHRAE minimum requirements now will ensure the longstanding health of a facility.

    Strategies to Reduce COVID-19 Exposure in Facilities

    Reduce Covid-19 exposure in facilities leveraging these TD guided strategies that have been shown to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases through airborne particles.

    Research shows an increase to your mechanical filtration efficiency can disinfect the work environment and decrease infection.

    TDIndustries can evaluate:

    • Increasing filtration to MERV 14 (if unit allows)
    • Filter bypass levels (address if needed)
    • Air disinfection UV treatment options
    • Humidification options- above 40% recommended (consider duct and building envelope mold)
    • Is outside air enough for building occupancy (minimum of 15 cfm/person is recommended)

    Best Practices of Indoor Air Quality in the Wake of COVID-19

    There are many technologies that can help prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Some are proven, while others hold immense promise.

    Trying to sort through which technology is right for your building and your current stage in its life-cycle?

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